Enshrine the night by wearing the traditional statement appreciated worldwide. Designer sarees induce grace in oneself with their subtle art. Nothing surpasses the beauty of the traditional attire, with its various styling nature, more and more people are accepting of the former.

The elegance of sarees can never fade away, with upcoming high-end fashion trends sarees are evolving as well. Now it’s on you how to style your saree, be it neck drape pallu, lehenga style draping or Gujarati style, slay in every way possible.

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Your apparel is your identity, shine like a diamond on every occasion there is. They say, being overdressed is better than being underdressed. We say, being a subtle queen outshines all.

Here are some of the designer sarees to rock the traditional occasions:

  1. Banarasi sarees:

Women’s first and most elegant choice is the handwoven Banarasi saree. Their detailed and unique embroidery are weaved by designers of Varanasi. The designers use zari, motifs, emeralds, and gold-silver threads to make this designer saree the most popular saree in the world it is now.

Banarasi sarees have rich embroidery on the bottom part of them, which makes them an ideal choice for festivals, weddings, and parties. Buy latest designer saree and let this embellished attire do the glamour for you

People find this saree expensive, what people can’t see is how many days and hard work of crafting it takes to weave one saree. Normally 3 weavers work on a single saree and it takes around 15-30 days to complete the embellishments and motifs.

There is a variance in the fabrics of a banarasi saree. Georgette is a finely woven fabric, popular in designer salwar kameez and designer sarees.

Organza is a richly woven fabric with the most extravagant brocade patterns made by warp and weft.

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  1. Chikankari sarees:

Chikankari sarees are alluring traditional wear from Lucknow embraced by women for centuries. With endless options and varieties, chikankari sarees catch the eye of every saree lover. It’s a must-have piece in your wardrobe.

Now and then, every girl carries chikankari suits and sarees for heavy occasions. The hand-crafted beauty is introduced in the country through a mughal empress and now it’s loved worldwide.

To accompany the embellishment of chikankari with latest trends it’s sarees are made with more delicate and intricate work. Buy latest designer saree online and experience the eye-soothing fabric yourself.

The material of the saree is quite intriguing and the embroidery will compliment your looks. Finish the look with subtle makeup and a low bun. Accessories aren’t necessary. Just wear diamond earrings and a bracelet to go with it.

  1. Satin sarees:

Grand occasions of a small party, satin designer sarees ace the game. It’s the kind to break the age stereotype and style the saree however you like. Heavy embroidery satin sarees are apt for personal occasions and plain satin sarees with heavy blouses are suitable for occasions such as weddings, roka ceremony, farewell party, and many more.

The outlook of this form of saree is significant with choker jewellery and bracelets. Keep your look as subtle as possible when wearing a satin saree. Smokey eyes give a seamless experience with satin.

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  1. Leheriya sarees:

The tie-dye traditional leheriya saree has complex wave patterns. It’s popular among youth as it’s light weight and reflects ethnicity at its best.

Embrace the ancient Rajasthani culture and buy latest designer sarees online.

Mainly, cotton and silk fabric are used for tie and dye patterns. The traditional sarees are dyed with natural colours that then undergo several washes. The saree is washed with alizarin and indigo.

Get a sense of Bollywood look by draping silk and georgette leheriya. Minimal jewellery is advised to wear to let the look of the saree outshine.

Go creative with the vibrancy of the designer saree and evoke the fusion of royalty within.


Anything and everything comes and goes, however, the significance of designer sarees will never be forgotten.

Embark the beauty of traditional attires and it be the conversation for the night.

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Aree is the heirloom passed on by our ancestors and now that fashion is evolving the traditional sarees are evolving as well. To be the modern women of the era choose to slay the red carpet with bold color’s designer sarees.