The one thing which is constantly in everyone’s mouth is Amazon service. Whenever one has to buy or even sell merchandise, Amazon is one of the first choices. Moreover, Amazon has also made additions to its services. Initially from buying and selling to new movies, music, etc. has positively changed their game.

Amazon is highly concerned about the quality of the services provided by them as well as the sellers. Amazon constantly checks if any customer is facing serious and genuine issues with the seller. In that case, they can even suspend the seller’s account based upon feedback from the customers. Amazon account suspended can be the biggest nightmare of a seller. The ratings, as well as the income, can get highly affected through the account suspension.

But what to do if your Amazon account is suspended and how to avoid future suspension? Let’s learn.

Main Reasons Behind The Suspension

·         Poor Feedback Of Services

Amazon being customer-oriented expects the sellers to provide quality services. Exceptional customer experience can gain customer loyalty. Therefore, if a seller is providing defective products, late shipment services, or getting negative reviews can amazon account suspended.

·         Not Genuine Or Misrepresentation

Amazon keeps quality services and Law at par. Services that can attract legal action are highly discouraged. Misrepresenting, inauthenticity, or not being genuine can put you in danger of account suspension. Moreover, creating multiple backup accounts is also a big red flag For Amazon.

·         Not Following Amazon Policies

Several policies and guidelines are created for every platform and application. Amazon also has a set of selling policies. These policies are required to be followed by the sellers. In case, any of the sellers do not follow these policies, he is risking his account. If any of the products are restricted to be sold, prior special permission is needed.

How To Reinstate The Account After Suspension

The foremost thing to do is to know the reason behind suspension. It can be selling prohibited merchandise, getting negative feedback, having multiple accounts, and so on. Once you get to know the reason, it’s time to write the amazon suspension appeal letter. It is the only way you have to get your account reinstated.

It is significant to include all the essential facts and data from your side in the appeal letter. It is advisable to take responsibility for your actions and don’t be too defensive about them. Further, do include the points and plans you have thought to correct your actions.


  • There is a limitation of 17 days to send the appeal after receiving the notice of account suspension from Amazon.
  • Usually, Amazon takes at least 48 hours to respond to your amazon suspension appeal. In some cases, it may also take around 60 days to hear back from them.

How To Avoid This Situation

The seller needs to understand the requirements and the aims of Amazon. Resolving current issues, paying attention to customer’s feedback, providing better and quick services, etc. can surely help to avoid the situation.