In the current times, there is a lot of value which is given to technological advancements such as CCTV drain survey, which helps in reducing the manual efforts and atomizing the whole process.

CCTV Drain Survey is the in-depth inspection of the drainage system through a high-tech CCTV camera inserted on the drains. The system is beneficial in maintaining the drains in good condition for a longer duration.

The CCTV drains survey and the maintenance of drains for a prolonged period also helps to get a detailed survey of the drainage system before purchasing a new property or existing house. The overview of the drains helps to observe the repairs required. This system helps get more information about the house’s drainage system and then make decisions about purchasing the homes. It can help find the major issues as the drainage system when the owners find it challenging to find the reasons.

Varied Uses Of CCTV Drainage Surveys

The CCTV drain survey is used for various factors, and a few prominent ones are mentioned here:

  • The system allows the information to be collected quickly and safely out of confined spaces generally considered hazardous.
  • This survey is essential for the programs of planned preventive maintenance, which allows you to avoid the damage of the pipes and manage costs.
  • The drain surveys investigate drainage issues and problems in the sewer, like blockages or poor flow rates.
  • The CCTV drainage surveys are used in inspecting the drains before purchasing new properties.
  • They are used in planning the work while carrying out repair works or replacements.

Water Jetting And CCTV Drainage Surveys

The CCTV Drainage surveys are carried out along with high-pressure Water jets for carrying out effective cleaning. The pipe may consist of many debris, stones, tree roots, grease, and similar other particles, which are hard to clean without high-pressure water jet sprays. The spray removes the unwanted substances and lets the camera enter the pipes quickly, and has a detailed survey. The drainage system can be adequately cleared out with the expert assistance of the London CCTV Drain Survey.

Various Types Of CCTV Drainage Surveys

The different types of CCTV Drainage Surveys are:

·        Drain And Sewer Inspections

The CCTV drain surveys are conducted to inspect drain and sewer conditions as a part of PPM programs. This survey may not include the recording of the drainage system or a complete report of the same, but it results in a quick inspection and is cost-effective. You can carry out the same with the assistance of the London CCTV Drain Survey.

·        Locating Blockage In Drain And Sewer

The survey can be used to search and find the root causes of pipe blockage and then find ways to clear the same. The footage of before and after cleaning can be recorded to know its effectiveness.

The CCTV drainage survey has many advantages as it assists in finding the issues in the pipes where normal inspection is impossible and helps fix these issues.