The Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La casino in Kyiv received the thousandth gambling tourist after a month of operation. Six months later, the unit was visited by several thousand foreigners.

The Shangri La Kyiv unit of the European gaming network Storm International celebrated its thousandth tourist in July 2021. Immediately after the start, even before the official loud opening, fans of this elite recreation type poured into the casino.

Dozens of players visit the game hall in a five-star hotel every day. “These are representatives of various countries. I would say that at the moment the guests are divided exactly in half: 50% are local players and 50% are tourists. These are guests of the Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv and our foreign players, whom we invited to Kyiv in connection with the opening of our new Shangri La casino,” comments Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

The winnings are very different, I cannot divulge, – he says. At the moment, our Jackpot system shows three probable winnings: 15 thousand, 136 thousand, and 285 thousand, which can be won in the very near future. And on September 4 this year, a promotion for slot players took place, in which the most active participant was presented with a Big Bear Chopper motorcycle Miss Behavior model worth 450,000 hryvnias.

Tourists’ expenses are highly dependent on their purchasing power and country of residence. Some tourists fly to see the city and consider the game in the casino as an additional option in their entertainment program, while others, for example from Arab countries, fly to the casino especially to spend the weekend at gambling tables or slot machines, as this type of entertainment is not available in their region.

There are usually more guests on weekends, mainly due to the influx of foreign tourists. But, unfortunately, there are no repeat visits, as game tourists do not come again due to the tax on winnings for foreigners.

“Most of our guests come for the shopping and all kinds of nightlife. Kyiv does not sleep at night, especially in summer, here you can have a great time in bars, restaurants, and clubs, or just hang out and admire the views of the city at night. Kyiv is a beautiful and friendly city, I haven’t heard a single disappointed review yet, all our guests are very happy” – states Darren Keane from Storm International.

The winter period also promises to be active ahead of the holidays. The slots and tables promotion, the final of which will take place on December 18, will be the main event before Christmas and New Year. The total prize fund is 500,000 bonuses, the best New Year’s hits, an exclusive show program, and a festive buffet table. The casino is expecting a lot of guests and is preparing for them really excellent conditions for a festive holiday.