To be a professional helicopter pilot, you are required to undergo extensive training at a recognized training school. There is no form of training required to begin pilot training. You are only required to schedule a flight lesson with a flight instructor in those particular schools you have chosen. In the first lesson, you will be allowed to inspect the helicopter to ensure that it is in the right condition. You will also be more familiar with the components of the helicopter such as the controls, flight instruments, aircraft components, and even the checklist to ensure that the duties are completed. There are many types of helicopter training, for instance, the H130 training.

Hereby are some of the factors you need to consider.

1.     The school reputation

You need to choose a helicopter school that has a good reputation for training successful pilots. You should also consider how many graduates from the school have secured employment with various aviation companies. The school should be capable of molding competent professionals in the future. The school should have adequate supplies, tools, and even simulations to aid the learning process.

2.     Financing option

Since helicopter training can be expensive, you should consider whether the school receives any veteran educational benefits. Innumerable sources can help one pay the helicopter pilot training. You need to research whether you are qualified to receive any funding from the lending programs. The scholarships can turn out to make the training cheaper and more affordable.

3.     Location

Location is another key factor you need to consider. Location can greatly interfere with the technical part of the training. Geographically, the school should have good terrain. One should also consider selecting a school that has a quiet environment with uncontrolled airspace.

4.     Safety

You should consider asking around about the safety records of the training school. This is one of the key aspects you need to consider before picking a helicopter training school. Get to know how and where the aircraft is maintained. The safety affiliations associated with the school will help you get to know how safety is guaranteed in that school. Not only will you be secure learning with an institution that takes safety seriously, but you’ll also be ready to work in an industry where most organizations prioritize safety.

5.     The training duration

You need to consider the duration of the training. You need to check the authenticity of the courses. Most reputable schools will recommend that short-term courses will only teach you the basics. The certificate you will get and the completion of the required flying hours will determine the training duration. The certificates you will get will allow you to fly commercially. Some of the schools will have programs running for approximately two years. The school will provide you with a degree and four specific certificates.

As a learner, you should consider choosing a school which has many pilots.  You can research how many graduates completed programs from that particular school. The school should have well-trained professionals for teaching quality pilots.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are many factors one should consider before choosing a helicopter training school. The above article has illustrated some of the vital factors one should consider.