When you’re looking to move into a larger city, you may be pressed for good housing options. Studio flats are always an option, but they might not be the right choice for many people. These flats are only one room, and can be very pressed for space. While there are pros and cons to every decision, you’re the one who has to decide for your situation. Studio flats are perfect for some people, but not quite right for others. Overall, studio flats can be a great way to move into the city, and are fantastic for people working with low budgets or just moving out on their own for the first time.

What Is A Studio Flat?

Studio flats are easy to explain. They’re found all over the world, and can easily be summarized as one-room flats with every facility you might need for modern life. Studio flats include a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living space all condensed into one central room. Sometimes, they’ll include a partitioned bathroom, but other studio flats may incorporate the bathroom into the rest of the main room. Unlike many other flats, studio flats are open-plan and don’t include many features like partitioning walls, separated rooms, or any sort of divider between spaces.

Studio Flats Are Great For Busy Budgeters

There are many perks in finding a studio flat, especially for people on the go. Studio flats are often found in the hearts of urban or city areas, which means that they’re centrally located to any jobs, schools, offices, or even stores that you may need access to. Furthermore, studio flats are nearby public transit options, and can serve as easy ways to stay connected with the city as a whole. Studio flats offer great rental rates, too, and can be up to 25% cheaper than other one-bedroom flats with similar accommodations and locations. This can save you up to £300 a month in central London, which puts more money in your pocket for future savings. Studio flats, since they’re so small and compact, are also very easy to furnish and clean. It doesn’t take long to fully clean a studio flat, and having less space means that you have to keep a minimum amount of furniture around. Because studio flats are smaller, you have physically less space to keep things– which means that you don’t have to clean as often!

Studio Flats Have Some Downsides

Studio flats aren’t perfect for everyone, though. If you’re looking into renting a studio flat, consider these downsides to what might seem like the perfect deal. If you’re living with roommates or a partner, you might find it difficult to navigate through having a one-room living space. If you’re living alone, you might find that a studio flat is the perfect amount of space– but many find it testing when living with a partner or multiple roommates to make a studio flat work amongst themselves. Furthermore, there’s also very little room in a studio flat to have friends over or to host guests. You’ll have to be reliant upon your friends hosting, or gathering people at local businesses or venues instead. Pets can also be an issue in small spaces, and many people find it difficult to keep pets in a studio apartment. Many landlords even prohibit the practice of keeping pets in a studio apartment. If you work from home, many people find that studio flats become cramped or too small for a comfortable work life balance. Overall, the biggest downside to studio flats are their space concerns, which is part of the reason that they’re also incredibly cheap and easy to purchase in crowded areas. There’s less space to pay for– but there’s also less space to live in.

Should You Rent A Studio Flat?

Overall, the choice to rent a studio flat falls on your shoulders, and these words are only a suggestion to help you make the decision. Living in a studio flat can offer many perks, like low rent, easy decoration, central locations, or easy access to daily life. However, studio flats also are small and can be difficult to live in if you live with more than one person in your household. Roommates, pets, and even partners can be difficult to fit into the tight confines of a studio apartment. The choice of traditional or studio flat can be a difficult one to make, but many people find that studio apartments have much better incentives than they do detractors. Studio flats can be the best place to live in the crowded city, and they can offer many more benefits besides that.