Are you facing the problem while diverting water away from your house in heavy rains? Or are the siding, windows, doors, etc. of your home are wrecking due to rain?

It’s time for you to check on the most vital yet overlooked essential of a house- Chobham blocked drains.

Drains are lengthy, empty pipes that are securely attached to the edges of the house. They serve various functions to ensure the best quality of your home and the safety of the family.

Drains are a reliable resource to prevent flooding and the collection of domestic waste. Often it is noticed that the drains get clogged due to various reasons. A clogged drain causes minor issues but creates a negative effect. It is essential to treat the congested drain in its early stages. Otherwise, it is not only harmful to the health but also costs a fortune.

Let us learn more about drain lining.

Key Causes For A Pipe Blockage

·         Domestic And Solid Waste

We observe that in a single day there is a lot of waste collected in the house. It can be food waste, garbage disposal, or related waste. In daily kitchen duties, a lot of domestic waste is composed. If the waste is not properly managed, it can block the drains through the kitchen sink. In its early stages, blocked pipes can be cleaned through soda and vinegar.

·         Dirt, And Mineral Built-Up

One of the key causes for drain blockage is leaves, built-up dirt, and residues of plants. Daily cleaning can prevent this problem, however, all this is a natural process. No amount of cleaning can prevent the buildup of debris and minerals. Therefore, the help of a professional is required to service the Chobham blocked drains.

·         Hair, Toilet Paper, And Other Small Objects

Shutting of Human as well as animal hair is beyond control and can cause drain blockages. Even if the drains are sheltering with guards, they can slip through tiny holes. Moreover, throwing toilet paper and sanitary napkins into the flash can further contribute to this issue. Keeping the toilet and shower area clean should be made a daily habit.

Harmful Side-Effects Of Blocked Drains

·         Spread Of Serious Diseases

Blocked drains can cause the wastewater level to rise to the house level. It can increase the number of mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. Grave health-related issues such as water-borne diseases can become a risk for the members.

·         Increase The Levels Of Toxic Chemicals

Water in the drain lining is contaminated and includes a lot of harmful chemicals. It also involves the fertilizers and pesticides used in agricultural fields. The mixture of agricultural and domestic waste if rising to the house height can be hazardous.

·         Unhygienic And Bad Odor

Hygiene and cleanliness are significant for the well-being of the housemates. Contaminated stagnant water in the Chobham blocked drains can be the opposite of the same. Not only will it give out an irresistible odor, but, will be a breeding point for many insects too.