Today, a travelling blog could be a hobby and a proper source of income. Of course, here we’re talking about a high-quality project that requires an adequate investment of time and money. Once the website is released, one of the most frequent questions is how to generate and constantly increase traffic. Read on to learn three steps leading to a higher traffic rate. 


There’s a reason why marketers repeat – content is vital. The main thing with websites is that the content must be relevant and optimised. Because otherwise, there’s little to no chance to efficiently compete in organic search and generate organic traffic that doesn’t cost.

Actually, SEO is not only about keywords and valuable information. No matter the website topic or size of the project, consider:

  • Relevant content based on user intent
  • Technical parameters: load time, accessibility, security

Yes, you get it right – your position in SERP also depends on some technical parameters. Suppose you want to get more traffic from organic searches on Google. Then, you must think of your website speed or load times, accessibility, and data security. Those things are strictly assessed.

Already optimised your visuals and code, but still can’t get better load times and eliminate errors? Then, consider choosing a more powerful server. For instance, it could be a secure VPS with private resources and high uptime. Another helpful tip – invest in friendly interface server management software that makes processes smoother – including spotting errors, automated updates, backups, etc. Even the cheapest cPanel license would do a great job.

Social Sites

Once your website is ready and optimised, it’s time to think of integrating other communication channels. We’re talking about various social sites. Having your travelling blog profile, you can share your ideas, appealing travelling photos, video content, and links to your blog posts. That’s a great chance to attract some traffic only by devoting some more time to spreading the message. However, once you feel like it, you can also invest in some paid ads to promote your content.

Well-Thought-Out Collaborations

It could be with other travellers or brands. You’ve probably noticed that many well-known travellers have plenty of collaborations. A few great examples of well-thought-out partnerships with other businesses:

  • Hotels and apartments
  • Transport rental companies
  • Travelling clothing and equipment

Obviously, the so-called partnership could be anything – from social site “takeover” to sponsorship. For instance, “taking over” the social site accounts of the relevant sports clothing or travelling gear manufacturer even for a few hours means reaching new audience members.

In terms of traffic, consistency and patience are crucial. Still, while there’s quite a bit of technical work, don’t forget that there’s plenty of space for creativity and experiments. Try different channels and trustworthy SEO practices. Most importantly, choose a powerful server and helpful software to manage it.